Skin Care

Our all natural skin and hair care line is produced by Olive Oil Skincare Company and harnesses the proven health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to nourish and enrich the body and soul. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has regenerating properties and the capacity to regulate the natural moisturising system of the skin and hair. It improves skin flexibility and elasticity, cleanses and moisturizes, removes free radicals, assists in anti-aging, encourages hair growth and nourishes the skin and hair naturally.

All of our skin and hair care products are single grove sourced from Hillston, Central New South Wales, Australia. The olives are harvested and processed on site within two hours of picking so that the maximum benefits can be captured and utilized to create products which are  considered to be "naturally nourished." All of them are 100% Australian made.

Less is sometimes more, which means our unscented products are made simply with 100% saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and at our most indulgent, we add pure essential oils to create our scented products. Each of the oils used is carefully chosen for its unique and beneficial properties. All our products are additive free and contain no artificial fragrances or agents of any kind.