Arbequina- Mild (Chile)

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This lovely, mild arbequina displays notes of cut grass, delicate herbs, and creamy artichoke without being too overpowering. Well balanced, this is the perfect all-purpose mild extra virgin olive oil. It's our go-to mild olive oil that's even tasty in desserts. 

Recipe Ideas: Chocolate MousseAvocado Chimichurri SauceChocolate Balsamic Chicken MoleEdamame Pesto

*Polyphenols: 187.6
*Oleic Acid: 75.1
*DAGs: 91.1
*FFA: 0.09
*Peroxide: 7.0
*PPP: <1.0

*As measured at the time of crush.

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness: 4.5
Bitterness: 3.0
Pungency: 3.5